Lambs are skipping, daffodils are sprouting and the sun is shining - Spring has well and truly sprung here in North Antrim. At Mayfair and Morgan we are predicting an equal and accompanying spring in the property market.
It will come as no surprise that Spring is one of the best times to put your property on the market. In the bleak of Winter people are budgeting for Christmas and hibernating with the dark of the night; in Summer the focus is on sun and sangria
So what can YOU do to step up the value of your home at this prime time?
STEPS TO SALEABILITY Create an Entrance: Nowadays a quick lick of paint and a bunch of supermarket posies just won’t cut it when it comes to making your home stand out. Buyers are known to make decisions on properties almost instantly, so that ? rst initial impression is what counts. Hit them with the “WOW factor” and you will be signed and sealed in no time.
STEP 1 Feature wall: Buyers are put off by a grubby entrance to a house. Make sure that your hallway is freshly painted and clutter free. Create a feature wall using
picture frames, clocks or wallpaper- whatever you do, the key is to make an impact!
STEP 2 Create a Focal Point. A great and easy way to do this is to change your stair parts. In most homes, these have never been changed since the property was built. You may assume that this will be an expensive and time consuming task, but the truth is that these can be updated in a day or two, and can be carried out by even the most novice of DIYers.
STEP 3 Décor. Make sure the entrance has a feeling of space and light. For smaller hallways, the strategic use of mirrors is a great trick to create such an illusion.
Until next month, Emma x