Investment Mayfair & Morgan Investments works both locally and internationally via an internet-based crowdfunding platform that allows its members to invest in residential property from £1,000 and gain long-term returns without the need for house hunting, mortgage acquisition, tenant recruitment and property management.

Investors can put their money into portfolios made up of 5 properties. Unlike other crowdfunding, Mayfair & Morgan has already bought the properties, found tenants and is managing and maintaining the properties. As soon as each portfolio is fully funded, investors effectively own a share of all the properties in a portfolio, which spreads any risk.

Mayfair and Morgan Property Investment

Mayfair & Morgan's experienced property agents manage the tenants and maintenance contracts and return excess rent to investors in the form of annual dividend payments.

Most portfolios are designed to run for 5 years, at the end of which properties are sold and investors receive their initial investment, plus their share of the capital growth, with annual returns of 12% to 16% expected.

Mayfair and Morgan Property Investment

Mayfair & Morgan is a members' only platform and only members can request access to the investment opportunities. Individuals interested in property crowdfunding with Mayfair & Morgan's property portfolios must register at before they can access information about the portfolios available. Registration is free and does not place any obligation to invest.

Mayfair and Morgan Property Investment

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